Use of sources with a side of snacks

Did you know you could get help with source reference at the BI library? Visit "KildebrukBAR" before your assignment is due and unwind with drinks, snacks - and great reference help.

After spending a long time writing assignments, the citation is for many students the final challenge before the work can be turned in. And in this process, several questions can pop up.

- Many need help to find out what type of source they actually used, especially when they found the source online. What many believe to be "just another website", turns out to be a report from a ministry or a signed article in a journal, Marianne Høksaas, senior librarian at campus Oslo, said.

Low threshold and relaxed setting

The libraries at all BI's campuses can always help with the correct use of source referencing, but has in recent semesters arranged "KildebrukBAR" in the weeks before the deadline for many assignments. In addition to getting help with source references "KildebrukBAR" offers a relaxed setting where you can unwind with a drink and some snacks. There is a low threshold and you can get answers to many questions related to assignments. Examples of questions that often appear:

  • How do I write references for photos and videos?
  • How do I assure the quality a source? Are articles from Wikipedia good enough?
  • How often should one refer to a source? Where do I enter it in the text (in the middle of the text, at the end of the paragraph)?
  • Can I reuse portions of text from earlier assignments I´ve written?
  • When do I refer to page numbers?
  • How to use EndNote, assignment templates in Word and formal requirements for the bachelor thesis?

Check the study calendar on @BI or the library's events calendar for dates for "KildebrukBAR" on your campus.

You can also take a look at the source codes! Click on the image to view all of them.

New structure from autumn 2016

Starting from autumn 2016 BI recommends their students to use the author-year system from APA, instead of Chicago B. But both styles will be accepted during a transitional period. Read more about source reference at the library's website.

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