Examination forms

Student declaration - for written hand-ins at BI, such as home examination, project paper, final thesis etc.

Form for examination changes - if you are not registered as an active student or have access to your personal pages in the student portal, you can use this form to make your registrations / withdrawals for re-sit examinations.

Are you registered as an active student, you do your examination changes at you personal pages in the student portal.

Special arrangement, exemption, examination abroad? 

Application for special arrangements in connection with examinations.

Exemption from an examination.

Application for examination abroad

Illness during the examination period?

Please use the electronic form,
you may follow the link from 
Exam overview 

After reassessment 

Request for justification of grades:
go to Student information --> Examination --> Justification of grades 
for more information, and link to a form for justification of grades.
NB! You'll only see the link if you are logged in to @BI.

Appeal for reassessment of grades


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