Written assignments

Student declaration - for written hand-ins at BI, such as home examinations, final thesis etc.

Application for confidential treatment of the Bachelor / Master thesis.

Template paper for project papers, take home examinations, final thesis etc. This can also be used for electronic submissions.


Bachelor thesis - electronic registration form
(in Norwegian & only for students at programmes taught in Norwegian)

Master thesis (MSc)

Master thesis registration form
(to be submitted electronically, through DigiEx,
see information on the Master Thesis pages)
Changes for Master thesis registration
Master thesis submission form 

Read more about 

final thesis
- confidentiality treatment at final thesis

Submitting an exam paper through DigiEx?

Log in to @BI, click on ""Exam" in the left hand menu, and choose the "Exam paper" tab. Find your exam - and follow the steps.

If you are a group of students writing together, note that only one of you submit the paper on behalf of the group, but all group members must have logged in, accepted the examination terms and accepted membership of the group!


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