This page contains information regarding the various facilities at BI Norwegian Business School and about the building.​​​

BI Oslo is the headquarters of BI Norwegian Business School and has modern premises in Nydalen. All studies, courses and programs offered at BI Norwegian Business School are available through BI Oslo.​

BI Norwegian Business School is Eco-Lighthouse certified according to the industry requirements for landlords and offices. This is to safeguard the environmental requirements as a landlord and provider of higher education. The focus of Eco-Lighthouse is the following: internal, HMS, work environment, energy consumption, procurement and materials, waste and emission management, transport and carbon footprint. The purpose of the certification is to ensure BI Oslo:

  • Is an environmentally conscious and attractive provider of higher education.
  • Is a quality provider of education for both the public and private sector domestically and internationally.
  • Is an environmentally conscious landlord.
  • Has environmentally conscious tenants.​ 

Last Modified: 19/11/2015 14:55