Bachelor, Master, Executive areas

Different student groups have their own areas at BI Oslo. Bachelor, Master and Executive students all have their own designated areas in the building.​

The architect of the new BI building in Nydalen has designed areas where different groups and personalities can meet and thrive. When planning the building, every group’s specific needs were considered. The building is open and bright and invites everyone to meet – at the same time there are specific areas dedicated to the various needs of different student groups.


The Bachelor students
The Bachelor students have their meeting point on level 2 in section B. The auditoriums and classrooms used mostly by bachelor students are in the same section but on levels 1 and U1.

These premises are used by bachelor students and students in university college classes both during the day and in the evening.

At level 2, each of the three student groups; bachelor, master and executive, have their own meeting- and study areas next to their respective auditoriums and classrooms. 

The Master students
The master students have their meeting point at level 2 in section C. The meeting areas are located next to the auditoriums and classrooms on levels U1 and 1 in this section. In addition to all the study areas in the building, Master students also have their own quiet study areas at level U1 in section B.

The Executive students
The big meeting area at level 2 in section A is reserved for continuing education students in management programs and students at BI’s industry specific courses and program areas. The area is located close to the auditoriums and classrooms used by these students.

Next to the study areas is a reception where you can get help, advice, coffee and use copying services. There is also a wardrobe and secure luggage room.

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