Auditoriums and study areas

The building is custom made for teaching purposes and has flexible floor plans, making it possible to offer various types of education. 20 auditoriums of various sizes, 28 classrooms, study rooms, library, computer room and study areas give both students and teachers the best working conditions.​ 


The building has 20 auditoriums of various sizes. These are located on levels U1, level 1 and level 2. 

The auditoriums have a combined capacity of 3800 students. In addition, the classrooms hold 1287 students. 

The teaching sections are found at the three lower levels of the building. There are group study rooms and computer terminals located right next to the classrooms.​ 

Study areas for group work

•   There are study areas for group work in level U1, level 1, level 2 and in the library

•   The Executive students can also access study areas for group work at the canteen on level 7.  

•   The library has a total of 46 rooms for group work (22 rooms with 4 seats and 24 rooms with 6 seats). 

•   The library has 1200 places for self study and 250 social places.

•   Social learning means working together to solve problems, build teams, delegate work, share knowledge, discuss views, learn about your self and learn from others.​ 

Reading rooms


There are 264 quiet reading room spaces in the library. Students at HRS (Higher Accountant Program) will have their own quiet reading room with 68 spaces on level U1.

PC classrooms

   The building has 3 PC classrooms. There will also be 350 PCs in the library.  

   The library also has 4 audio-visual​ rooms and rooms for training courses.​ 

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