New tutorial service for BI students

On September 12th, the new tutorial service for students was launched at all campuses  - "Chat with a tutor."


Photo: Stian Falk
The online chat function is intended for students to ask questions about anything that is relevant to their courses.

The new service, which can be used by all students at all campuses, means you do not necessarily need to physically go to the tutorial area at your campus for help. You also have the option to remain anonymous.

The chat function allows uploading of images, which will be advantageous if you want help with tasks that are challenging to write on a computer – for example, tasks with formulas and charts.

Click here to get to the chat!

Chat hours:

Monday, Wednesday 14:00-19:00
Tuesday 17:00-19:00

The tutoring is primarily intended for students in their 1st and 2nd year.

Seminar groups

All first-year undergraduates have the opportunity to attend seminar groups. At the beginning of the semester you will be assigned a small group with fellow students from your area of study, and together you will work with academic content and tutorials from talented students at higher levels.

Seminar groups are a great venue to get help with academic issues, but also to get to know your classmates better!

- I benefited greatly from my seminar group because it was a low threshold for asking for help, and the tutors were good at explaining. Tutors often go through subject matter from a different angle than the lecturers, which for my part made some things easier to understand. I also became better acquainted with fellow students, says Aleksander Nordfjord, student in Business Administration.

Each group is led by two talented and experienced students, employed by BI. The tutors have a plan for working with the curriculum in all subjects, and coordinate with the lecturers so that the content is adapted from lectures. Here you have the opportunity to participate in communal assignments, but you also have the opportunity to work by yourself and ask questions when needed.

The location and time for your group will be visible in your schedule on @BI.

Seminar Groups are offered to students in their 1st year. Read more about Seminar Groups under your campus -> Master your study


Drop-in tutorial (library, campus Oslo)

Student Partner at BI - campus Oslo offers drop-in tutorial sessions every week throughout the semester, and during the examination period. Take the opportunity to ask questions about the courses you take!

The service is managed by capable student tutors, employed by BI. The tutors are talented students who have had a good start with their studies, and who have completed their courses with good results. They are therefore well equipped to help you with your courses and questions you may have.

Drop-in tutoring and the writing centre in Oslo take place in the Library on C6, both inside and outside the classroom (left by the entrance to C6). The tutors will go around the entire C6, and can be recognised by their grey sweater with BI logo on the back and "Veileder" on the chest.

Grab hold of a tutor while sitting in C6, or step into the tutor office on the left after the entrance. They will help you succeed in your studies, and no question is stupid!

Drop-in hours:

Monday, Wednesday 14:00-19:00
Tuesday 17:00-19:00

The service will be available from 12th September.

The tutoring is primarily intended for students in their 1st and 2nd year. Read more about Drop-in tutorials, or similar services, under your campus -> Master your study.

Writing Centre in C6 (library, campus Oslo)

The ability to express yourself in writing is a key to doing well in your studies. If you can write well, you can convey the knowledge you possess in a clear, simple and engaging way.

You can get guidance and assistance at the centre. Wherever you are in the writing process, the tutors are here to help you.

Grab hold of a supervisor, or step into the office in C6!

Writing Centre opening hours:

Thursday 14:00-19:00

The service will be available from 12th September.


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