Chocolate on the curriculum

Nina Ronæs is keen to engage students in her lectures. This time it resulted in lots of chocolate.

Nina Ronæs believes that student involvement can be an important part of professional educational training and often incorporates competitions and other activities into her curriculum.

- I believe, and have experienced, that student involvement increases interest in the subject, says the lecturer.

A chocolate jingle

In one of her lectures on art consumer behaviour, she managed to combine this thinking on the subject and simultaneously join a competition on Radio Norge. The competition was to create a video clip with a "call to customers".

- We submitted our contribution to Radio Norge (Morgemklubben with Loven & co). It is a campaign for Freia where they encourage everyone to make a jingle that draws customers in, says Ronæs.

The class were chosen as the winners and received a fitting prize - two kilograms of chocolate from Freia.

- The exercise relates to the subject because consumer behaviour and marketing is a bit about going out of your comfort zone and doing something different. One must be both unique and shout the loudest to attract customers, she continues.

See the jingle from Nina Ronæs and her class on her Instagram profile.

Last Modified: 31/03/2016 12:52