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itslearning is the learning platform at BI and is used as a publishing tool for lecture notes as well as a platform for different learning activities such as coursework requirements.


The course page lists all of the courses you are enrolled in and other useful
information. Press the link for itslearning courses to gain access to your courses.


Access the course by clicking the course link. Every time you enter a course you
will be forwarded to the course front page. This site provides an overview of
news, activities and assignments for the given course.
You will find the course material on the left hand side. The content will vary
depending on the course, but usually the material includes lecture slides,
academic material and other useful information. It could also include
assignments, multiple choice test or discussion groups that may or may not
be mandatory.
You can communicate with the students and employees at your campus through
itslearning’s message system. If you want to send a message to students enrolled in one of your classes, choose Participants and Send message in that course. You can also send messages by selecting the tab INBOX and The INBOX allows you to search for students and employees at your campus
Important! We recommend that you forward messages to your personal e-mail to avoid losing essential information.
It is important to note that messages are not automatically forwarded before you activate it.
This setting is activated through INBOX – Message Settings.

My settings
You can customize itslearning to suit your needs in My settings. You can adjust
language settings, time zone and information about yourself. You can also activate

“Alerts” for new assignments and news in your courses.
A community is in many ways similar to a course, but with one significant difference. The students may create/add communities, thus having a unique area for collaboration and information exchange. The community function can be used for both private and school-related activities. A group of students may, for example, use itslearning as an online meeting place and share ideas, files and other relevant content. All students are allowed to create communities, and access to a community is by invitation only, meaning that lecturers and other students cannot see the community without an invitation


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