Coursework requirements

Coursework requirements are defined as all forms of tasks and assignments that must be completed in order to sit an examination. Usually the coursework requirements consist of one or several presentations, assignments or digital tests such as multiple choice. For more information on specific criteria for coursework requirements in a course, see the course description.  

In the beginning of each semester the course responsible is required to publish dates that are of importance to you on itslearning. If your courses are taught at several of BI’s campuses, there will be an additional classroom on itslearning where all students submit their coursework requirements.

The results of coursework requirements can be found in the classroom on itslearning where you carry out your assignments, under the tab labeled “Follow-up and reports”. Coursework requirements such as presentations, which are conducted outside itslearning, will be registered on itslearning.

Press here for more information concerning coursework requirements.

Last Modified: 08/10/2015 13:37