IT Services



BI Mobile and BI Student ID App

Some of the features included in BI Mobile:

Articles: Perform search and download articles from Business Source Complete and other databases from BI Library.

Group Rooms: Book a group room and get an overview of available group rooms.

BI News: Choose from all of BI's news feeds.

Business Review: Get the latest research news from BI Business Review, on your phone.

BI Calendar: Get an updated and personalized overview of your lectures (note: only for lecturers, students can retrieve their calendars using this service)

Privacy Policy
BI Student ID retrieves information about you as a student at BI Norwegian School of Business to enable you to document if you are a full time student at BI Norwegian School of Business. The information obtained is your name, your birth date, your student number and if you are a full time student this semester. This information will be displayed to any ticket inspector who wants documentation if you are entitled to a discounted ticket on public transportation or not.


Last Modified: 01/06/2016 10:25