Transcript of Grades

A Transcript of Grades from your exchange at BI will be sent directly to your home institution when all your grades have been published.

‚ÄčPublication of grades

Your grades will be published on your personal pages on @BI (menu on the left hand side). The grades should normally be available within 17 working days after each exam date for written exams.

Printing of transcripts

We will include all valid grades on your transcript, unless you instruct us otherwise in advance.

F - Fail will be included on your transcript.

IP - In Progress will not be included on your transcript, as you have not completed the course.

Re-take exam

If you need to re-take an exam, please contact the International Office. Re-takes are only possible during a semester when the course is taught.

Transcript needed urgently

If you for some reason need your transcript urgently, please notify the International Office as soon as all your grades have been published on @BI.

Last Modified: 27/11/2013 13:11