Student Card



Student Card

‚ÄčThe BI Student Card is a personal ID with your picture, name, date of birth and student ID number. It must be updated with a semester tag each semester to be valid.

The student card is used as proof of identity at BI exams, library card and for copying and printing. It also makes you eligible for student discounts on public transport, gym etc.

On your first day at BI, please go to the Student Service Centre in U1 to have your picture taken and process the student card.

For printing/copying you can top up the card online. Find information and instructions here.

In case the card is lost or broken and must be replaced, a fee of NOK 150 will be charged in cash by the Student Service Centre. 

The student ID card is valid only with the semester tag on the back. This tag should be attached to your ID card at the Student Service Centre. Please ask for it if the card does not have the tag.

The student card is not valid for official ID in Norway..

Last Modified: 27/10/2016 12:37