Master Exchange

Master exchange students and exchange students who can document minimum three years of relevant university studies (equivalent to a Bachelor degree) can choose courses from the Master of Science programme. ​​​


A full semester workload at BI is 30 ECTS. Most Master courses are 6 ECTS. The teaching period of each course is normally 12-14 weeks. Class participation is mandatory in all graduate courses. Late arrivals are not accepted.


Minimum three years of relevant university studies (equivalent to a Bachelor degree) is a general prerequisite for all Master courses at BI.

Several courses have specific prerequisites requirements as well. It is your responsibility to make sure that you meet the requirements before signing up for a course. You will be asked to resign from a course if you do not have the required prerequisites. See the course description to find required prerequisites for each course.

Course registration

Course registration for Master courses is done online between 15 June and 1 July for the Autumn semester and from 15 November to 1 December for the Spring semester. It is not possible to add or drop courses after the registration deadline, so make sure you choose the right courses. Admitted exchange students will be notified by e-mail when the registration opens.

Course lists for the current and coming semester can be found on the right hand side menu. Questions regarding master courses can be directed to msc@bi.no.

Availability of courses

Courses might fill up before the registration deadline. Students that need a specific course in their portfolio will be prioritized, given that they have signed up electronically within the deadline

Students that do not get their first priority of courses will be contacted by the MSc administration.

After August 1/January 1 you will see which courses you have been registered for in your course list in the student portal @BI. Please note that no courses will be visible in your course list in @BI until after the registration deadline, as the courses are distributed manually.

Additional information

The participants in the Master of Science courses are international and the programme is conducted entirely in English. 

Master exchange students can also sign up for Bachelor courses by sending an e-mail to international.office@bi.no with the course name and course code, including their BI student ID number (10xxxxx). A list of available Bachelor courses can be found in the right hand side menu. 

Please note that courses from the Executive MBA programme are not available for exchange students.

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