Master Course List Autumn

​The following courses are available for Master exchange students at BI in the Autumn semester 2017. The list is updated as of 15 June 2017.

Please note:
  • Certain courses have limited capacity. BI degree-seeking MSc programme students will be prioritized.
  • Most Master level courses account for 6 ECTS credits each.
  • Consult the course descriptions for detailed information about each course.
  • The course list is still subject to minor change. Changes will be listed continuously at the bottom of this page.
​Course code ​course name​Department
​GRA 2207
​Managing Knowledge Work, Creativity and Innovation
Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
​GRA 2235 ​Recruitment, Training and Development (week 42-47)Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
​GRA 2245​Economic PsychologyLeadership and Organizational Behaviour
​GRA 2257​Human Resource Management (week 42-46)Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
​GRA 2416 ​Project Management Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
​GRA 2418 ​Understanding the Consumer
GRA 2427 ​Groups and TeamsLeadership and Organizational Behaviour
​GRA 3136 ​New Venture Creation​Innovation and Economic Organisation
​GRA 3151 Theorizing Innovation DynamicsInnovation and Economic Organisation
​GRA 3154 ​International Perspectives on InnovationInnovation and Economic Organisation
​GRA 4145 ​Brand Management​Marketing
​GRA 5914 ​Global Politics: International Political Economy and World Trade​Accounting, Auditing and Law
​GRA 5915 Business and Politics in the European Union: The Political Economy of the Single MarketAccounting, Auditing and Law
​GRA 5916 The State and the Market: ​Core Concepts in Political EconomyAccounting, Auditing and Law
​GRA 6020​Applied Data Analysis​Economics
​GRA 6025 ​Financial Management​Finance
​GRA 6031 ​Microeconomics​Economics
​GRA 6035 ​Mathematics​Economics
​GRA 6038 ​Applied Business EthicsLeadership and Organizational Behaviour
​GRA 6039 Econometrics with Programming​Economics
​GRA 6211 ​Financial Accounting Theory​Accounting, Auditing and Law
​GRA 6212 ​Financial Reporting and AnalysisAccounting, Auditing and Law
​GRA 6227 ​Business Optimisation​Accounting, Auditing and Business Analytics
​GRA 6280​Performance Management
​GRA 6419 ​Service Marketing​Marketing
​GRA 6420 ​Pricing Strategies: Measuring, Capturing and Retaining Value (week 42-47)​Marketing
​GRA 6428 ​New Product Development and Service InnovationMarketing
​GRA 6433 ​Marketing Communication (week 42-47)​Marketing
GRA 6436 ​Managing Business-to-Business Relationships​Marketing
​GRA 6440 ​Marketing Innovation Management​Marketing
​GRA 6443​Topics in Digital Marketing​Marketing
​GRA 6514​Corporate Finance
​GRA 6515​Quantitative Methods for Finance​Finance
​GRA 6516​Economics for Finance​Economics
​GRA 6517​Theory of Financial Markets​Finance
​GRA 6535 ​Derivatives (week 42-47)​Finance
​GRA 6539 ​Fixed Income Securities​Finance
​GRA 6540 ​Applied Finance​Finance
​GRA 6542 ​Corporate Governance​Finance
​GRA 6543 ​Introduction to Asset Pricing​Finance
​GRA 6544 ​Multinational Corporate Finance​Finance
​GRA 6626 ​Economic Theory​Economics
​GRA 6634 ​Advanced Macroeconomics​Economics
​GRA 6649 ​International Economics​Economics
GRA 6664 ​Game Theory​Economics
GRA 6665 Environment and Development​Economics
GRA 6666 ​International Macroeconomics and Finance​Economics
​GRA 6667​Behavioural Economics​Economics
GRA 6714 ​Supply Chain Management​Strategy
​GRA 6723 ​Supply Chain Risk Management (week 42-47)​Strategy
​GRA 6753
​Operations 1
​GRA 6830 Economic and Organizational Foundations of Strategic Management​Strategy
​GRA 6831 Behavioural Foundations of Strategic Management​Strategy
​GRA 6834 ​Business Development and Innovation Management (week 42-47)​Strategy
​GRA 6837​CSR, Innovation and Strategy for Sustainable Business (week 34-40) 3 credits​Law
​GRA 6838​Doing Business in China (NB: obligatory study trip, student must cover the costs)​Strategy
​GRA 6839​Data Analysis in Python
3 credits
​GRA 6841​Energy in Green Transition: 
Markets, Policies and Business Innovation (week 42-47) 
3 credits
​Innovation and Economic Organisation
​GRA 6842​Cross-Cultural Negotiations: Doing Business in Japan (week 42-47) (NB: obligatory study trip, student must cover the costs)Communication and Culture
​GRA 6843​Applying Social Media in Management Decisions (week 34-40) (NB: obligatory study trip, student must cover the costs)​Communication and Culture
​GRA 6844​Reputation and Corporate Communication
3 credits
​Communication and Culture
​GRA 6845​Causal Inference with Big Data​Economics
​GRA 6846​Doing Sustainable Business in Africa (NB: obligatory study trip, student must cover the costs)​Law and Governance


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