Incoming exchange students

Incoming exchange students come to BI Norwegian Business School for one or two semesters as part of a degree at ‚Äčtheir home university. Students from non-partner universities may apply to BI as a Free Mover/Study Abroad student.

Who can join BI as an exchange student?

Exchange students come from one of BI's 170 partner universities across the world. They are nominated by their home university to spend a semester or two at BI in Oslo.

Free Movers are not part of an exchange agreement and we only accept free movers from non-partner universities. They pay tuition fees at BI, but are treated as exchange students apart from this. Free Movers can choose from the same range of courses as exchange students.


BI welcomes exchange students at the Bachelor and Master level.

Application Process

The application process starts at your home university with the nomination. Further information will be provided once you have been nominated by your home university to go on exchange to BI.


Incoming exchange students can choose from a wide range of courses taught in English. Course lists can be found on the right hand side menu.

Master level exchange students are allowed to enrol in Bachelor level courses.

Bachelor level exchange students are not allowed to enrol in Master level courses.

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Can master students take bachelor courses when on exchange to BI?

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