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Bank Account

The use of VISA debit and credit cards is widespread in Norway. Students taking a full degree at BI, need to open a Norwegian bank account. This is not necessary, and often not possible, for exchange students.

In Norway for more than 6 months

To open a bank account, you must wait until you have your National Identity Number (fødselsnummer). You will only receive this number if you are staying in Norway for more than six months. 

Remember to bring your passport, National Identity Number, and residence permit/proof of registration to the bank.

Full degree students only: You must open a bank account by 15 October. After opening an account, complete the Withdrawal from deposit agreement form and send it to The remainder of the money from your deposit will then be transferred to your new account.

Note that some banks are unwilling to take on foreign students as customers.

n Norway for less than 6 months
Most banks require a Norwegian Identity Number to open a bank account. Since you will not receive this number if you are in Norway for less than six months, it is not very likely that any bank will open an account for you. Thus, we recommend all exchange students to bring a credit card from home. Make sure you check the conditions for using your card abroad, and especially in Norway, before you leave. 

Before leaving Norway

Remember to close your Norwegian account before you leave.

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