Bachelor Course List Autumn

​The following courses are available for Bachelor exchange students at BI in the Autumn semester 2017. The list is updated as of 15 June 2017.

  • The course list below is subject to minor changes.
  • All Bachelor-level courses (except BST 2412 International Business) constitute 7.5 ECTS credits. A full semester workload is 30 ECTS credits.
  • Consult the course descriptions for detailed information about each course.

Course CodeCourse NameYear
BST 2412​International Business (note: 15 ECTS)​3
ELE 3701Innovation and Entrepreneurship​Elective
ELE 3702Social EntrepreneurshipElective​
ELE 3705Reputation and Corporate Communication​Elective
ELE 3706Persuasion and Dialogue for Leaders​Elective
ELE 3709Project Management​Elective
ELE 3715Logistics and Marketing Channels​Elective
ELE 3716Organization and Change​Elective
​ELE 3718​Media Economics​Elective
ELE 3732Financial bubbles, crashes and crises​Elective
ELE 3736Real Estate Finance​Elective
ELE 3744 Business Dynamics​Elective
​ELE 3746​Tactical Marketing​Elective
​ELE 3750​Financial Analysis and Valuation​Elective
​ELE 3766​Social Networks and Communities​Elective
​ELE 3767​Consumer Behaviour​Elective
​ELE 3775​Product and Price Strategy​Elective

​ELE 3776​Mathematical Analysis​Elective
EXC 2110Basic Financial Management​2
​EXC 2901
​Norwegian Culture and History - an Introduction
EXC 2910Mathematics (note: two semesters)​1
EXC 3410The Firm - Introduction Course​1
EXC 3415Marketing Management​1
EXC 3442Managerial Accounting​1
​EXC 3505​Strategy
​EXC 3506​Research Methods and Econometrics​2
EXC 3520Microeconomics2​
EXC 3603International Economics​3
EXC 3611International Finance​3
​EXC 3612​Investment Analysis​3
​EXC 3630​Managing International Operations​3
​EXC 3631​International Business Environment​3
​EXC 3650​Supply Chain Management
​EXC 3670​Financial Markets and Institutions​3
​EXC 3671​Corporate Finance
​EXC 3672​Analyses of Financial Data​3
​MRK 3544
​Political Economy
NSA 2510Marine Insurance​3
NSA 2511International Maritime Law​3
NSA 2512Organising the Shipowning Entity​3
NSA 2521Shipping Management​3
SPÅ 2901Business Communication in English - Written Intercultural and Ethical Awareness​Elective
SPÅ 2902Business Communication in English - Oral Effective Presentations and Negotiations​Elective


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