Bachelor Exchange

Students on the Bachelor exchange programme can choose from selected courses from our Bachelor of Business Administration programme.​


Most Bachelor courses at BI account for 7,5 ECTS. A full semester workload at BI is 30 ECTS (four courses). Teaching time is normally 12-14 weeks.

Bachelor level exchange students cannot register for Master level courses.

Course registration

Course registration is done online. For the Autumn semester 2 - 9 July and for the Spring semester 2-9 December. Admitted students are notified by e-mail when the registration opens.

Access the course list in the menu on the right. Note that the list is subject to minor change. Make sure to read the course descriptions carefully before selecting courses. Pay extra attention to prerequisites, learning process and workload, and examination.It is not possible to add or drop courses after the registration deadline, so make sure you choose the right courses. 

By the beginning of the semester the courses you have been registered for will show in your personal course list in the student portal @BI. A personalized timetable for your courses will also be available.


It is your responsibility to make sure you have the prerequisites before registering for a course. It is crucial that you do so. Where prerequisites are listed as specific BI courses, please consult the course descriptions of those courses to see that you recognise the course contents, and have the required knowledge.

Last Modified: 15/06/2017 10:14