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Arrival in Oslo

Please note that we no longer have a Meet & Greet service. In the following you will find useful information for your arrival in Oslo.

​Admission Letter

Print out a copy of your admission letter and bring it with you in your hand luggage. You can use this as proof to buy student priced tickets on public transport.

​From Oslo Airport Gardermoen to the city center

The best option is to take the train to Oslo S (Oslo central station). There are signs to the train in the arrival hall, and it is easy to find as the train station is at the airport. There are frequent departures going to Oslo S. 

Tickets are bought at the ticket machines, choose the student ticket to save money. In case of control, show your admission letter and say that you will get your Norwegian student card once you get to BI. 
Read more about transport from the airport.

From Oslo S to your student accommodation 

Public transport in Oslo is managed by Ruter. It is the economic option as taxis are very expensive in Norway. Depending on where you will be staying, there are busses, trams and metro leaving from the area around the central station. 

You should have received information from your housing provider with directions to your student accommodation, and instructions on how/where to get your keys. Make sure you have this information available on arrival. Please check if you need to make special arrangements with your housing provider for picking up keys! If you arrive outside opening hours, you may not be able to get the keys unless you notified them well in advance. You may need to book a hostel for the first night. 

Tickets for busses, trams and metro

With a Ruter ticket, you can use all means of public transport in Oslo. You would probably want to buy a monthly student travel pass right away. Unless you plan to use public transport very little, it will pay off to get the monthly pass. You can get this at several kiosks/convenience stores like Narvesen and 7-eleven. Show your admission letter to get the student price. The other option is to use the Ruter app (requires that you have a Visa or MasterCard). Unless you use the app, be aware that any Ruter ticket/pass must always be validated the first time you use it! There are machines for this by the entrance to the metro and on buses/trams. 

Norwegian SIM card

Several kiosks/convenience stores sell SIM cards, for example 7eleven and Narvesen. A monthly subscription requires that you have a Norwegian ID-number, but foreigners can get a pre-paid card. You might be asked to show your passport. If you need a Norwegian SIM card right away, you can find kiosks selling these both at the airport and at the central station.

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