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Double Degree students must take courses according to the academic protocol between the partner institutions. Detailed information for your specific programme can be found to the right.

Course lists

See the current course lists for information of which courses are available. The course code of Master-level courses consists of the letters GRA followed by a four digit code.

Course lists are updated each semester. Please note that the portfolio is subject to change and updates as we strive to continuously improve our academic offer. Courses can be cancelled if the number of students is too low.​​​​​

The course descriptions provide detailed information about teaching methods, contents, readings, prerequisites and form of examination for each course.

Course list autumn
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A full semester workload at BI is 30 ECTS. Each Master-level course constitutes 6 ECTS. Teaching time is normally 12-14 weeks. Class participation is mandatory for all graduate courses. Late arrivals are not accepted.

Please note that certain Double Degree agreements require students to take 36 ECTS credits at BI, in addition to the 30 ECTS Master Thesis.

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