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IT Regulations

IT Regulations for students at BI Norwegian Business School, approved by the Executive Committee, February 2004.

1. The purpose of the regulations

1.1. The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for the use of BI’s IT services that are in compliance with Norwegian law and compatible with BI’s activities. The regulations have been created to assure the security of the school’s IT services and consequently support both students and faculty in their use of these services.

2. Areas of application

2.1. The regulations apply to all use of BI’s IT services. IT services are defined as all physical components (the data network comprised of cables and network electronics, as well as specific computers and computers in general) and programs acquired, or made use of, by BI. This also includes private equipment linked to BI’s IT services and programs licensed by BI and installed in private equipment.
2.2. The regulations apply to all users. A user is defined as a student or other legally responsible person given access to the IT services. The regulations are to be posted at appropriate locations, such as terminals and IT centers, and will be available under "Executive MBA" at
2.3. When user identities are given, a copy of these regulations will also be provided. Users are required to make themselves familiar with the contents such that this can become a mutual source of agreement for the school and the user.
2.4. Users are requested to keep themselves informed of any and all relevant regulations or supplementary decisions. Such decisions must be approved by the president of the school and will be available at “Studentportalen - IT Brukerstøtte” on .

3. Personal use

3.1. Users of BI’s IT services must be registered users with a user-identity provided by BI. Other users can be provided access if this is explicitly accounted for in the agreement of association between the specific organization or unit and BI.
3.2. The user-identity and password are strictly confidential, and must not be shared with others. Should a user nonetheless become aware of, or suspect that, a password has been made available to others, the IT department should be contacted immediately.
3.3. When logging onto BI’s IT systems users must always use their own user-identity and password. Use of, or the attempt at use of, other users’ identities and/or passwords is forbidden.
3.4. It is forbidden to assume a false identity in connection with any and all use of BI’s IT services.

4. Data security

4.1. Norwegian law is the basis for all use of BI’s IT services.
4.2. As there is always a risk for unauthorized entry into the system, and consequently into users’ personal storage area on the net or PC, files that should not be read by other persons should not be stored on BI’s computers or systems.
4.3. Users are required to heed instructions from operations personnel. Conditions and situations that might have consequences for the security of BI’s IT services should be reported to the relevant IT department.
4.4. Users are required to make themselves acquainted with relevant guidelines, instructions and documentation in order to avoid malfunction of the system or loss of data and programs. This kind of information will be available at “Studentportalen - IT Brukerstøtte” on .
4.5. Users are required to assist in hindering unauthorized access to use of BI’s IT services and equipment.
4.6. Users themselves are required to assure that an updated and effective anti-virus program is installed in each and every PC connected to BI’s network. Information and instructions for the installation and downloading of anti-virus programs are available at “Studentportalen - IT Brukerstøtte” on .
4.7. Users are themselves responsible for taking appropriate measures to avoid loss of data. Such measures include appropriate routines for making backup copies and for saving media, prudent use of the net and for use of protective measures, such as anti-virus programs. BI is not responsible for loss or damage experienced by the user as a result of inadequate security precautions.
4.8. Relocating or removing BI’s computer equipment or changing their configurations is prohibited.
4.9. BI’s IT equipment is to be treated with care. Vandalism and irresponsible use of the equipment will result in appropriate action from BI’s management as well as demand for financial compensation. Refer to the Academic regulations.
4.10. It is prohibited for users to set up their own information servers (www, ftp, irc, etc.) or multi-use systems (Linux, Unix, NT, etc.) without the express, written permission of the IT department. A separate application form is available here. (Only in Norwegian)
4.11. BI and BI’s IT services reserve the right to check, change or remove any file or system resource that might damage or create a significant hinder for authorized use of the school’s computer equipment.

5. Privacy

5.1. Any attempt to gain access or acquire information about elements of security or other users’ passwords or to obtain unauthorized access to others’ data is strictly forbidden. This applies regardless of whether the data is protected or not.
5.2. Unauthorized entry, or any attempt at unauthorized entry into other persons’ machines, areas or systems via BI’s network is strictly forbidden.
5.3. User monitoring of data traffic on the net is not permitted.

6. Proper use

6.1. It is prohibited to use BI’s equipment for communication that is defaming or discriminating, or to transmit pornography, racist material or material that is classified as confidential, nor is it permitted to violate the personal privacy of others or to encourage or abet activities that are in conflict with Norwegian law or this document.
6.2. Use of BI’s IT services for commercial purposes without affiliation to the activities of BI is not permitted without the express, written permission of the school.

7. Copyrights

7.1. Programs are normally protected by copyrights (e.g. text, sound and picture files and banks of information in databases). Users agree to respect these rights and use of copyrighted material is strictly limited to that which is sanctioned by agreement. This includes copyrighted information on the Internet and other electronic information systems.
7.2. Users are required to look into the copyright status of information intended for publication on websites or otherwise to be made available via BI’s IT services. Making available copyrighted material requires that necessary waivers from the copyright holders are obtained beforehand. Information regarding the publication, referencing and hosting of websites is available at “Studentportalen - IT Brukerstøtte” on
7.3. When BI makes programs, data and other services available, users are required to respect the limitations regarding their use that come with the agreement. These agreements are available at the appropriate IT department or at “Studentportalen - IT Brukerstøtte” on .

8. Resource awareness

8.1. BI’s IT services support academic activity, the administration, research and teaching. IT services are a limited resource and users have a shared responsibility for their being used effectively. IT resources are regarded here as the machines and their network as well as IT personnel’s time
8.2. Use of BI’s IT services must have a direct connection to users’ studies, the student union or organizational work in association with BI.

9. Copying of computer programs

9.1. Illegal copying of computer programs will, should it be discovered on a hard disk, be immediately deleted. Users should not copy programs without having assured that this is permitted in accordance with Norwegian copyright laws or in agreement with the owner of the copyright. (Information on Norwegian copyright legislation can be found at the following address:

10. Financial responsibility

10.1. BI disclaims all responsibility for financial loss as a result of inadequacies or malfunctions in connection with programs, data or use of information obtained through the system from accessible databases or other sources.
10.2. Users are personally responsible for any legal and financial demands a copyright owner might make in connection with illegal use or distribution of material protected by Norwegian copyright laws. (Information on Norwegian copyright legislation can be found at the following address:

11. Operational surveillance

11.1. IT operations management have surveillance access to the system, as well as to the individual user’s personal storage area in order to manage the system or assure the system’s functionality. This access is to be used only in connection with maintenance of the system.
11.2. IT operations management are pledged to secrecy with regard to information concerning users or users’ activities that is obtained through access to users’ reserved storage area, with the exception of conditions that may constitute a violation of regulations and should be reported to the appropriate officials.
11.3. The IT department has the right to delete users’ received and sent e-mail that is older than 90 days should this be regarded as necessary for proper operation of the system. In this event users will be notified beforehand such that they can save valuable mail.

12. Legal access to e-mail and personal files

12.1. In cases of strong suspicion regarding the violation of Norwegian law or these regulations, BI and its IT services department reserve the right to send e-mail and files from personal areas in the system to the police for investigation. In this event, permission will be obtained beforehand from the President or a person given legal authority by the President unless conditions are so extreme that immediate intervention is deemed necessary. Such conditions must be documented and presented to the President after the intervention. The user must also be notified after the fact.

13. Termination of studies

13.1. Following termination of studies or discontinuation of user-status, users are required to clear out their storage area in the system as well as in their storage media on the PC. If this is not done within a reasonable amount of time, and at the latest within 2 months, the IT department can delete those files. In the event of a death, access to copies of the deceased’s files will be given to family.
13.2. The right to connect a private machine to BI’s network is revoked with the termination of the user’s studies.

14. Sanctions in the event of violation of regulations

14.1. Violation of these regulations can result in termination of access to BI’s IT services or expulsion from the school. (See Academic regulations. )
14.2. Serious violation of the regulations or of Norwegian law can result in liability for compensation and/or penalty of the law. The standard regulations regarding disciplinary action against students can be imposed for those who misuse IT services. (See Academic regulations.) 


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