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Oslo - B5 Group rooms (4 persons)

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

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Room 08:00 - 11:00 11:00 - 14:00 14:00 - 17:00 17:00 - 21:00
(Map) B5-003 s1814540
(Map) B5-004 s1812979 s1616919
(Map) B5-006 s1816121 s1615315
(Map) B5-007 s1411454
(Map) B5-008 s1517619 s1513755
(Map) B5-009 s1812729 s1817606
(Map) B5-010 s1714401
(Map) B5-011 s1813672
(Map) B5-012 s1815551
(Map) B5-013 s1813223 s1614037
(Map) B5-014 s1516344 s1714679
(Map) B5-015 s1611972 s1516859
(Map) B5-016 s1612396
(Map) B5-017 s1712690
(Map) B5-018 s1617901 s1815685 s1714755
(Map) B5-019 s1811890 s1813893
(Map) B5-020 s1810592 s1615574 s1713987
(Map) B5-021 s1413185
(Map) B5-022 s1714494 s1215347
(Map) B5-023 s1415111 s1817089
(Map) B5-024 s1811929 s1716108
(Map) B5-025 s1611708 s1816192
(Map) B5-026 s1313399 s1717046
(Map) B5-027 s1411976 s1415994
(Map) B5-037 s1516717 s1612129 s1516717
(Map) B5-038 s1415549 s1815042
(Map) B5-039 s1515579 s1613026 s1517344 s1515579
(Map) B5-040 s1616450
(Map) B5-045 s1416927 s1312105 s1416134
(Map) B5-046 s1217732 s1716940
(Map) B5-047 s1710880 s1714269
(Map) B5-048 s1613428 s1712032
(Map) B5-101 s1910109
(Map) B5-102 s1716067
(Map) B5-103 s1717157
(Map) B5-104 s1515196
(Map) B5-105 s1617975 s1612302
(Map) B5-106 s1612862
(Map) B5-116
(Map) B5-117 s1718005
(Map) B5-118 s1817617
(Map) B5-119 s1612196
(Map) B5-120 s1812214 s1314699
(Map) B5-121 s1816379
(Map) B5-122 s1717180
(Map) B5-123 1 s1513554 s1514473
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