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Oslo - B5 Group rooms (4 persons)

Friday, 20 April 2018

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Room 08:00 - 11:00 11:00 - 14:00 14:00 - 17:00 17:00 - 21:00
(Map) B5-003 s1717128 s1613536 s1711315
(Map) B5-004 s1517988 s1514905
(Map) B5-006 s1415455 s1316028
(Map) B5-007 s1711198 s1714836
(Map) B5-008 s1710315 s1716343
(Map) B5-009 s1616887 s1515072 s1515690
(Map) B5-010 s1616556 s1414553
(Map) B5-011 s1615654 s1616139 s1717495
(Map) B5-012 s1716580 s1516433
(Map) B5-013 s1717478
(Map) B5-014 s0913585 s1715209 s1613033
(Map) B5-015 s1515795 s1313748
(Map) B5-016 s1718559 s1611431
(Map) B5-017 s1511350 s1517974
(Map) B5-018 s1613023 s1613139 s1612613
(Map) B5-019 s1516260 s1516159
(Map) B5-020 s1710832 s1712530
(Map) B5-021 s1514684 s1517553
(Map) B5-022 s1618515 s1717844
(Map) B5-023 s1514246 s1513662
(Map) B5-024 s1710759 s1711185
(Map) B5-025 s1716590 s1512375
(Map) B5-026 s1512267 s9915413
(Map) B5-027 s1611708 s1714594
(Map) B5-037 s1516582 s1517232 s1516028
(Map) B5-038 S1416533 s1513435
(Map) B5-039 s1616076 s1618442
(Map) B5-040 s1515932 s1516383 s1516000
(Map) B5-045 s1613010 s1013121 s1511884
(Map) B5-046 s1610392 s1511737
(Map) B5-047 s1510852 s1511570
(Map) B5-048 s1718023 s1712598 s1718023
(Map) B5-101 s1511359 s1612950 s1611632
(Map) B5-102 s1612791 s1613404
(Map) B5-103 s1215347 s1612950
(Map) B5-104 s1515816 s1511173
(Map) B5-105 s1711731 s1316471
(Map) B5-106 s1716326 s1516028
(Map) B5-116 s1514217 s1415395 s1715464
(Map) B5-117 s1611574 s1613026
(Map) B5-118 s1411683 s1613099 s1416817
(Map) B5-119 s1712498 s1716340 s1312105
(Map) B5-120 s1415549 s1717014 s1714099
(Map) B5-121 s1415270 s1716078
(Map) B5-122 s1611904 s1514113 s1712360
(Map) B5-123 s1716020 s1612524
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