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Visa Requirements and Travel Arrangements

Once you have received the acceptance letter from your exchange university you can start making travel arrangements.​

The visa process, including all costs are your responsibility. Thus, BI is not responsible for any difficulties in connection to a student being denied entry into a foreign country.

Norwegian citizens

Most countries require a residence permit to allow students to stay for more than three months. Please contact your embassy and/or find useful information at the host university's website.

Note that if you intend to go on vacation before or after the semester, you may need necessary documents and visas at an earlier stage.

Non- Norwegian citizens

Students holding a non-Norwegian passport must, in many cases, apply for a visa from their home country.

Check with the embassy in question to find out which rules apply to you. Make sure you are able to get the nec­essary documents in time.

Last Modified: 17/11/2016 12:56