Useful Information



Useful Information

International Office in C3

Visit the International Office, located in C3 Oslo campus, and choose the "Exchange" queue ticket to speak with one of our resourceful student assistants any time between 13:00-15:00 Monday-Friday. There is always someone available in the Reception to answer questions and help you with your research.

Online Partner School websites

Browse around 200 universities to find your exchange school.

International Corner in the BI Oslo Library

Visit the International Corner (B5 at the entrance to the Quiet Zone ("Stille") for a comprehensive source of reference material and catalogues from BI partner universities.

Student Reports

Read about the experiences of BI students who have already taken an exchange semester abroad. These student reports allow you to read about former students' impressions of specific programmes, classes, costs, recommendations, etc.

Exchange Programme Brochure

Read Student Exchange Programme web.pdfStudent Exchange Programme 2013-14 (pdf) for an introduction to going abroad with BI, the application process, and a list of partner universities.

Contact former exchange students

Often the best source for information can be from a BI student that has attended your university of interest on exchange. InSA (International Students Association) connects you with current international students studying at BI. Also ask your fellow students, your professors or the International Office, who will help you to get in contact with students who are willing to answer your questions.

Attend the Exchange Fair in January (Oslo campus)

Each year the International Office hosts an Exchange Fair in the "Oasis" ("Oasen", commons area). You can obtain brochures and catalogues from partner universities, and talk to the International Office advisers if you have any specific questions. Keep updated on @BI for more information on this event!  



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