Many opportunities to go abroad with BI


Welcome to the student exchange programme

- Most BI students have the opportunity to spend one semester abroad as part of their BI degree
- BI has more than 200 exchange agreements with academic institutions in 48 countries worldwide.

Exchange brochure

The Importance of International Competence!

Everyone should go on exchange!
Read the article from The Minister of Education 

Develop your communication skills and intercultural awareness!

Check what students say about their exchange semester:

'Going on exchange in Singapore have given me the greatest opportunity ever and have been the most interesting semester. Even though it is very hard studying and a lot more schoolwork to do than usual, it has taught me how to better work with the courses throughout the whole semester. I have grown both academically, socially and personally, and have learned a lot! Stepping outside of your comfort zone is important and one can gain huge benefits and become almost a new person by this. I also got to travel a lot to nearby countries where I discovered new cultures. Another thing that is worth noting is that during an exchange period you really experiencing much, learn a lot, one evolves and form countless memories you will never forget. Also, when you return to Norway, with the eager to see how much has happened here at home; absolutely everything will be as it was the day you left. Don’t hesitate going on exchange – maybe you find it challenging, but you will never regret it!'

Do you want to find out where you can go? Check out our Destination Finder

You can also find more practical information here admission requirements 

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