Exchange Application



Selection Procedure

Distribution of places according to GPA

All available exchange spaces are distributed according to Grade Point Average (GPA). Students with full study progression are prioritised.


The popularity of certain universities


Some destinations are more popular than others. The International Office cannot predict how your GPA will rank amongst other BI students applying to the same partner university. Please be realistic and consider your choices carefully. 

Before you apply, be sure you meet the admission requirements. Check Destination Finder for specific minimum requirements for a university. Note, this only gives an indication based on previous years and/or requirements from a partner university.


All students will be ranked in order of their GPA. Students with the highest GPA will have first priority.

In cases where there are two or more applicants with the same GPA, we will consider two factors:

  1. the comparison of each student's letter of motivation
  2. the overall balance of degree programmes represented (see below)

If the candiates are still equal, we make a random draw for the available place


Balance of degree programmes


At partner universities where BI has a large number of places, BI International Office reserves the right to select students that represent a broad range of degree programmes.



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