QTEM Internship

The Internship

  • at least two months in length

  • quantitative topic or have a significant quantitative content

  • in a company from the QTEM Corporate Partners’ network or any corporation at the participant’s initiative (subject to prior approval of the QTEM team)

  • timing at the discretion of the participant (during or after the 2 years of the master with at least 2 consecutive weeks)

  • The purpose of the QTEM internship is to apply the analytical and Quantitative skills obtained through your studies.
  • During the Internship you are expected to identify and solve a problem using your Analytical and Quantitative skills.  You should identify the problem to be solved together with your employer.  When you have solved the identified problem, you must develop a report.  The QTEM internship report represents documentation of the supplication of these skills

    The main purpose of the report is to document the process of identifying a problem and the methodology used to solve the problem.  The QTEM final report is to be delivered to the QTEM academic coordinator: janicke.rasmussen@bi.no  The academic coordinator will evaluate the report and approve the report when considered sufficient. 
  • Questions regarding the internship report can be sent to your QTEM coordinator:  ellen.tobiasson@bi.no

  • QTEM Internship registration form and report template can be found here
  • ​Detailed information about QTEM Internship can be found at Careers Services

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