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Language Requirements

Applicants must document sufficient language skills in the language in which they will be studying.

In some cases BI students are waived from documenting English language requirements. However, all students going to an Erasmus+ university must undergo an online English test (OLS). Minimum requirement is B2, sometimes higher (see Destination Finder)

Some universities require language tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.This will be at your own expense.

Language requirements are also found in the Destination Finder.


In general, you need a minimum of C in English from BI, and/or 4 from upper secondary school (vgs)/3 for most schools within Erasmus due to the OLS language test.

- If applying to a university in Australia, advanced English with a grade of 4 or better is required from upper secondary school/vgs and minimum C from BI.
- TOEFL or IELTS is required by some partner universities (USA in particular). See Destination Finder for language requirements.
- An English grade of 5 or better from VGS is required to apply for the University of Bath.

If your English grade from VGS or BI is below requirements, you must take TOEFL/IELTS prior to the application deadline.

Forms of English language documentation



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