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Exchange Promotion

 BI expects you to promote exchange to BI and Norway while abroad.​


You are our best ambassador. Our exchange agreements are based on a balance of incoming and outgoing students, and it is therefore important that you participate in promoting BI during and after your exchange semester.

Many schools arrange International Student Fairs (or similar) where you can participate. You will find a presentation of BI and Norway below. 

The BI International Office will provide you with information material such as brochures and t-shirts. Send the International Office a request by e-mail in order to receive an information packet. Please include a description of your role in promoting BI in your student report.

Presentation of BI
Generell BI Presentasjon April 2016.pptx

Electronic Information Package.pdf

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Furthermore, we expect you to take part in a Student Exchange Fair at BI when you are back from your exchange period. The International Office arranges different events to inform BI students about the Student Exchange Programme. As a former exchange student you are our best ambassador and we invite you to promote your exchange destination on one of these events.

Keep in mind that you are an ambassador both for BI and Norway while studying abroad.

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