Important information



Emergency Plan

BI's Emergency Plan for students abroad is in place as a safety measure in case something should happen while you are on exchange.​

24 ​hours emergency number (Sjømannskirken):
+47 95 11 91 81                                                             

The Norwegian Church Abroad (Sjømannskirken)

The Norwegian Church Abroad is available for all students. The need to 'touch base' and ascertain your social and cultural sense of belonging becomes more obvious once 'home' is a distance away. Today, the churches and their staff, together with travelling chaplains, represent a resource centre for all Norwegians travelling internationally. 

Be prepared in case the unexpected happens: Download the App – a great companion during your semester abroad! It contains all info about emergency numbers, embassies and you can add all your insurance information, bank information, contacts in case of emergency etc.


We recommend Norwegian students to find your nearest Norwegian embassy and register. This makes it easier for the embassy to get in touch in case of emergency. In addition, you might get invited to national day celebrations and other events.​

Last Modified: 01/12/2016 13:39