Double Degree Exchange Cost and Tuition

You will pay tuition fee (including the student union and the fee to Studentsamskipnaden) to BI, and not to the exchange university while on exchange. Some universities still require students to pay minor fees for registration, course materials, deposits for accommodation, insurance, etc.​​​​

Loan and Scholarship from Lånekassen

If you receive support from Lånekassen in Norway you are also entitled to this support while on exchange. You will receive the same support, plus an additional travel grant.

You will receive a form named 'Enclosure to Lanekassen' by email from the BI International Office. This is to be uploaded with your main application to Lånekassen.

Three important clues when filling in the online application to Lånekassen:

• "Hvor skal du studere?"
Answer: i Norge 
• "Skal du ta delstudium i utlandet?"
Answer: JA 
• "Skal du betale skolepenger?"
Answer: NEI 

Erasmus+ scholarship

Students on exchange in Europe are entitled to receive a scholarship from the Erasmus+ programme. Read more here.


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