Bachelor students are required to take a full course load while on exchange (30 ECTS). The course approval procedure can be time-consuming - make sure you start this work as early as possible.

All questions regarding course approval must be sent to:

Step-by-step for Course Approval:

Learning agreement (LA) form

  • Print out the form
  • Search for relevant courses on the exchange university web pages. See your study plan for mandatory courses.
  • Fill in the Learning Agreement (LA) form.
    We strongly recommend that you list more courses than you need, so you have a number of possible backup alternatives during course registration/add and drop period at host university
  • Hand in the LA form to the International Office at BI together with complete course descriptions or send it to outgoing-LA@bi.no

Learning Agreement - deadlines

  • Deadlines for handing in the LA for approval 
    Autumn exchange: June 1
    Spring exchange: December 1
  • If courses for your exchange semester are not available within the deadline, please contact outgoing-LA@bi.no.
  • If you make changes to your approved LA, you must contact the International Office at BI/outgoing-LA@bi.no.
  • If you are not able to take all credits required/fail courses you have to make up for the missing credits upon return. Please contact outgoing-LA@bi.no.

Course registration at host university

  • Register for courses within the deadline. Read information from host university.
  • Note that many courses fill up fast.

Changes to LA after arrival

  • Send e-mail to outgoing-LA@bi.no, please send structured emails and include the following information:
  • Personal info:
    - BI-student number
    - Host university
    - Study programme at BI
  • Answer all applicable questions:
    - list the reasons for making changes
    - list new courses to be approved (include course description or link to course)
  • Make sure that you have an approved workload of credits/ECTS/Units. 

Returning the Learning Agreement

  • Return LA when all courses are in place.
  • If you have made changes after arrival at host university, please fill in LA page 2.
  • Erasmus+ students must return their LA, signed and stamped from host university
  • Students outside Europe must return their LA only when changes have been made (no signature/stamp required from host university)
  • Please note that credits obtained on exchange will not be registered unless you have submitted the LA and student report.

Deadlines for returning the LA:
Autumn exchange: December 15
Spring exchange: June 15

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