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Costs and Scholarships

You will pay tuition fee (including the student union and the fee to Studentsamskipnaden) to BI, and not to the exchange university while on exchange. Some universities still require students to pay minor fees for registration, course materials, deposits for accommodation, insurance, etc.​​​​

The State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen)

  • If you receive support from Lånekassen in Norway you are also entitled to this support while on exchange.
  • You will receive the same support, plus an additional travel grant.
  • You receive a form named 'Enclosure to Lanekassen' by email from the BI International Office. This is to be uploaded with your main application to Lånekassen. 

Three important clues when filling in the online application to Lånekassen:

• "Hvor skal du studere?"
Answer: i Norge
• "Skal du ta delstudium i utlandet?"
Answer: JA
• "Skal du betale skolepenger?"
Answer: NEI 

Language scholarship from Lånekassen 

For studies in other languages than English.
Language courses


If you are exchanging to universities within the EU, with which BI has signed an Erasmus+ agreement, you will receive a scholarship

Note that fee-paying programmes, i.e. Bachelor of International Marketing do not qualify for Erasmus Scholarship.

The amount varies from year to year, country of study, and length of the semester.

Erasmus+ requirements:

  • BI applies for the funding on your behalf and sends you an e-mail with all necessary information

  • As an Erasmus+ student you must:

-  submit a Confirmation letter and The Erasmus Student Mobility        Grant Agreement
- submit a student report to BI
- submit an online evaluation to Erasmus+
- submit a signed and stamped Learning Agreement
- complete an OLS language test prior to the exchange and one at the end of your exchange semester

Note that payment will take place approximately two to three weeks after BI has received your documents.

Credits will not be transferred until the documents are returned.

Erasmus+ Programme
Erasmus student Charter 2015.pdf

Nordplus (Norek) - Exchange within the Nordic countries

For universities without Erasmus agreements only.

Norge-Amerika Foreningen (NORAM)

Norge-Amerika Foreningen (NORAM) offers scholarships for Norwegian citizens in USA. Read more:

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