Exchange Application



Applying to the host university

Once you have been nominated for exchange, you need to apply to the host university.


After accepting the exchange offer:

You will receive general information by e-mail
- BI nominates you to the host university
- Most universities will contact you directly by e-mail with application information.
- It is your responsibility to read all information and follow closely any instructions and deadlines.

Please note: Each university has its own deadlines and routines.



Additional Documents 

The following lists the most commonly requested documents. 

Passport photos

Most universities will require one or several photos. These should be regular passport photos (from photo booth), with your name on the back. 


Some institutions ask for reference letters. These can be obtained from employers or academic staff. Please contact the International Office for assistance.

Medical Statements

Many universities (mainly American/Asian) require certification of vaccinations. Some may also require you to test for Hepatitis B and/or TB. Contact your doctor to obtain the necessary documentation and allow two weeks for a medical certificate to be issued. Students must cover the costs themselves. Vaccination certificate for Norwegian citizens can be obtained here.

Financial Guarantee/Bank Statement

Some universities require a financial guarantee/bank statement from the bank of the student or his/her parent's bank. The amount required varies, but normally does not exceed USD 12 000 for one semester.

The State Educational Loan Fund ("L√•nekassen") issues a letter to exchange students who are entitled to funding from LK. However, most universities require a guarantee letter issued directly from your bank. 

Cancellation of participation

If you find that you are unable to participate in the exchange programme, you must notify the International Office immediately. Late notifications may cause expenses that cannot be refunded.

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