Exchange Application



Exchange Application

1 February for autumn exchange

1 July for spring exchange (siv.øk bachelor and BBA only)

Students eligible for exchange will receive information about application procedures and link to application form in January/June, respectively.

Note that if you are on study leave, you must contact the International Office in order to apply.

Quick guide to application process:

PC-og-Lupe.jpg1. Identify universities of interest

  • Find universities of interest and search for courses offered for exchange students. Some universities are only available for either Bachelor or Master levels, or Spring or Autumn semesters.

  • Remember:
    -workload for Bachelor students abroad is 30 ECTS (studiepoeng)
    -workload for Master students abroad is 24 ECTS (30 ECTS for MSc in Accounting and Auditing)

  • Please do not contact universities before you are officially nominated by BI.

PC-og-Lupe.jpg2. Online application to BI

  • You will receive an online application link to your BI e-mail address. The application form for the February 1 deadline will be sent in January, and in June for the 1 July application.

  • Additional documents must be uploaded as a part of the online application: Letter of motivation and CV (with photo) in English.

  • The deadline for submitting an application is 1 February/1 July, 23:59.

  • Important: Your submitted application is considered final, and cannot be changed afterwards.

  • Late applications (submitted after 1 February/! July, 23:59) may be considered, but exchange is not guaranteed.

PC-og-Lupe.jpg3. Exchange offer from BI

  • The preliminary offer/rejection will be sent by e-mail second half of February for the February application and July/early August for the July application.

  • After receiving an offer, you must accept/decline in the Application Portal before the stated deadline. If you do not respond by the deadline, the offer will be withdrawn and you will no longer be considered for exchange.

  • If you reject the offer, you will not be considered for exchange at a later stage.

  • BI may conduct interviews for certain universities.

PC-og-Lupe.jpg4. Nomination

  • After accepting the offer BI will nominate you to the exchange university.


5. Application to the exchange university

  • You will receive application information by e-mail.

  • Many universities have an online application/registration procedure.
  • If hard copies are required, these documents must be submitted to the BI International Office at least 2 weeks before the exchange university's application deadline.

  • Exchange is not guaranteed until you receive final admission from the host university.


6. Learning agreement (LA) and course approval


  • After receiving final admission, you must submit your LA with course descriptions to BI for approval.

  • If you are unable to take the required workload you must make up for missing ECTS when returning to BI.


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