Diploma / Certificate / Transcripts



Diploma / Certificate / Transcripts

​As a student at BI Norwegian Business School - you will automatically receive a digital diploma when you complete your studies. 

Bachelor students (full time) will receive their diploma 1 October. 

MSc students will receive their diploma 1 November. 

Portal for digital certificates

The following degrees will automatically receive a digital diploma:
Bachelor's Degree, Master (EMM and MSc), MBA and PhD.

When your digital diploma is completed, you will receive an email, and then you can view your digital diploma at your personal pages. If you want your diploma on paper, you can order this when you are logged in.

You can share your results digitally with employers, campuses abroad, and others that need a certified diploma from BI Norwegian Business School.

Diploma Supplement

As an attachment to the degree programmes for Bachelor's, Master of Science, Master of Management, MBA and PhD, you will receive a Diploma Supplement. Diploma Supplement give a description of your study programme and the degree you have achieved.

If you wish to share your diploma with employers, campuses abroad or others, we recommend that you also share the Diploma Supplement.

You must order a diploma if:

  • You study Bachelor of Management or building a degree by taking a college courses or single courses.
  • You have completed your studies before spring 2017
  • You have received your diploma. Later, you have improved a grade and you want this to be shown on your diploma

Request a diploma here (NB you must log in to the student portal). 


Students who have completed studies, programmes and courses at BI Norwegian Business School, up to 60 credits or less, can order digital certificate here.

Year units, special courses, college courses, Bachelor of Management programmes and courses, and Master of Management courses can order a digital certificate.

You will receive e-mail when the certificate is completed and you can log in via your personal pages to view the digital certificate. If you want your certificate on paper, you can order this when you are logged in.

You can share your results digitally with employers, campuses abroad or others that need a certified certificate from BI Norwegian Business School.


You can print out a transcript of your grades under «My grades». This transcript will not be signed or certified by BI Norwegian Business School.

If you have completed your programme/course at BI and received a digital certificate, you can use this in order to show your grades electronically.

If your employers, international schools/universities or others require a signed and certified transcript of grades from BI Norwegian Business School and your grades are not yet available electronically, you may order this by using the form below. The certified transcript will be sent to your home address.


If you require a transcript more urgently, you may go to the student service centre and ask for a transcript to be printed whilst you wait.

If it is not urgent, you can get a certified print sent in the mail 
(NB - you must be logged in)

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