Special examination arrangements



Special examination arrangements

​​​​​​​Candidates who require special examination arrangements, on medical or other grounds, may apply for this in the form of extra aids or special arrangements for how the examination is conducted.

When can I apply for special examination arrangement?
The student portal @BI is open for applications from

  • September 15th to October 1st during the autumn semester, and​
  • from February 15th to March 1st during the spring semester

You apply by using the electronic form.
Applications on paper will not be processed. 

The form is available during the periods for exam registration.
In addition, it will be available during the exam period, so that you can apply based on acute illness/problems.

Link to the form will be available in the menu on the right. 

See Regulations relating to Admissions, Studies and Examinations at BI Norwegian Business School, Section 5-8 Special examination arrangements.

Please note: Application / documentation must be submitted for each examination period

BI Norwegian Business School's digital system for application and documentation for special examination arrangements meets the security demands of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. This means that all documentation (application, doctor's note etc.) stored in our digital archive be deleted on a regular basis. 

All students must therefore apply for special examination arrangements and upload documentation again through our electronic form. 

Students who have previously submitted documentation showing that a disability is chronic, have to submit the documentation again through our electronic form. 


Special examinations arrangements shall not give the candidate any advantage, but the arrangements will in so far as possible function as a compensation for physical or mental limitations during the examination. 

If a student tries to gain any unjustifies advantage in connection with the examination by e.g. using a false medical certificate with the purpose of achieving special examinations arrangements, the matter will be treated as an attempt to cheat in pursuance with the Regulations Section 5-15 Cheating

The special arrangements provided are evaluated both by the administrative and academic advisors at BI Norwegian Business School. There is not always agreement between what the student feels is optimal in the way of special arrangements and the special arrangements that can be approved 

Important information regarding the application for special examination arrangements

Applications received after the deadlines will normally not be considered.

Exemption from the deadlines only in acute cases

Cases will be considered as emergencies if the situation arose, or if the diagnosis of the case was given, after the deadline. This must be clearly specified in the submitted documentation. 

In cases of acute illness / problems the study centre must be contacted as soon as possible prior to the examination. The Exam Administration will try as best as possible to meet the needs for acute special examination arrangements. 

You will receive confirmation by email, which you have to bring with you to the examination. 

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Lingright on exam

NB! New writing support programme for exams starting from this semester. Read more about Lingdys/Lingright under 'Forms for special examination arrangements'.

How do I apply for special examination arrangements?

Can I get special examination arrangements after the application deadline for this has expired?