Should you become ill during the examination period, this must be documented within the given deadlines.

Reference is made to Regulations relating to Admissions, Studies and Examinations at BI Norwegian Business School, Section 5-6 Examination attempts.

Valid absence from an examination / failure to submit an assignment

  • Deadline for documenting illness during the examination of for not handing in an examination is within 3 working days of the date of examination / assignment

  • Please use the electronic form, you may follow the link from Exam overview 



In order to register valid absence due to illness, you must present / upload attested medical certificate or statement by a physician or other specialist.

If documentation for not having been able to take the examination is not presented, registration for the examination will be considered as an attempt to take the examination and the student will be required to pay a re-sit fee for the subsequent examination.

Should you become ill during a normal examination and can document this, you will be able to re-sit the examination at BI Norwegian Business School without having to pay a re-sit fee.

Different forms of absence


Absence from an examination 

Absence as a result of illness on the day of the examination, or as a result of a long-term illness before the examination, must be documented by a medical certificate and submitted/sent to the student's study centre within 3 working days after the date of the examination.

In courses with continous assessment, the whole course, as a main rule, will have to be retaken.

Illness that occurs during an examination

Candidates who withdraw from an examination due to acute illness can present a medical certificate within 3 working days.

If you withdraw due to illness during the examination, you are not entitled to submit your examination paper. Should you take the examination and choose to submit your examination paper despite the effect of the illness, this will be considered as an attempt at taking the examination. Answer papers that are handed in cannot be recalled. 

Illness that prevents the handing in of take-home examinations, term papers, projects etc 

Should you become ill during the period of time between the handing out and the handing in of take-home tasks, you can submit documentation of this within 3 working days after delivery date.

In the documentation it must be specified during which period of time you have been ill.

Normally an extension of the deadline is not granted with respect to hand-in papers. In situations where a student's illness has made it impossible for the whole group to hand in the paper, the medical certificate may apply to the group as a whole.

Please contact your study centre for more information if such situation should occur.


Ilness and continous assessment

In courses with continous assessment, the whole course, as a main rule, will have to be retaken.

New registration for an examination / re-sit examination

Students who have a documented illness during the examination are responsible for registering themselves for a subsequent re-sit of the examination within the given deadlines. 

Candidates who have not turned up for an examination cannot re-sit the examination until the next normal examination period. See the relevant course description for more information about the examination form.

Also see the separate menu point Re-sit examinations under "Examination".


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