Language requirements



Language in an examination

​It is a requirement at BI Norwegian Business School that students sit their examinations in the language of instruction of the course.

In courses where the language of instructions is English, the students have to answer their examination papers in English.

In courses where the language of instructions is Norwegian, the students are free to choose to answer their examination papers in English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish, without having applied for permission to do so beforehand. In studies where knowledge of Norwegian is a requirement for admission, it is however recommended that assignments and examination papers are submitted in Norwegian. 

If the course has several languages of instructions, and this is outlined in the course description, plus that there are no other stated requirements for the language used in assignments and examination papers, the student is free to choose if he or she will use English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish in the answer papers. It is a condition that language is not an assessment element.


Examination means "arrangement to formally put to the test the candidate's knowledge and abilities in those cases where a grade is given that will be included in the diploma / course certificate, or which is included in the grounds for calculating a grade given on the diploma. With reference to Section 5-1 in the Regulations relating to Admissions, Studies and Examinations at BI Norwegian Business School.

Language of instruction means the language with which the course is listed in the course description.

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