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Written assignments - more info

​On this page you will find information about the formal requirements for a written assignment, routines when submitting the paper, student declaration and information about the recommended format for citations and references.

Reference is made to Regulations relating to Admissions, Studies and Examinations at BI Norwegian Business School, Section 5-10 Rules concerning written assignments.


Formal requirements

  • Format:  A4

  • Line spacing:  1½

  • Font type and size:  Times New Roman 12 point

  • Margins:  Left = 5 cm, right, top and bottom = 2 cm

Template term paper

You may use this template term paper for writing term/project paper or home examination, for both paper and electronical submissions. 

 Please notice

  • If two or more students from different study centres want to hand in a group paper together, all of them must be registered for the examination at the same study centre and under the same examination code  

  • The paper must have been delivered to BI by the specified deadline (all deadlines at BI are stipulated in the Central European Time (CET/CEST) which can be checked at 
    For electronic submissions, the paper must be uploaded to DigiEx within the deadline, and submitted within 15 minutes after that.

    Papers that arrive after the deadline will not be graded. It is not possible to replace or hand in all or part of an answer paper.

Important - electronic submissions

  • You will find the examination terms in DigiEx, and these must be accepted before you download the question paper. 
  • Are you two or more writing together; the examination terms must be accepted by all the group members. 
  • Remember to make sure all members are accepted as members of the group (all members must log in to DigiEx!) 
  • The answer paper must be submitted through @BI / DigiEx. 

Important - paper submissions

  • One copy of the student declaration form (individual statement form) accompanying the question paper must be signed by the candidate(s) and submitted together with the answer paper (in the correct number of copies).
    The paper must only be delivered to one study centre.

  • The paper must be adequately stapled or bound and the correct number of copies submitted, as stipulated in the question paper.

  • The paper should normally be word processed (on a pc) and not written by hand.

  • The paper's front page must only contain information at specified in the question paper, if not otherwise specified.  


Submission (paper)

The paper must be submitted within the given deadline at the candidate's examination location (see your personal pages at the student portal @B for examination location).

Exempt from this are students at the following study centres / study programmes: 

  • BI BI Banking and Insurance 

  • Bachelor of Management and Executive Master of Management programmes 

  • Customised programmes 

These students can choose whether they want to deliver the paper at the study centre, or send it by post.

Paper sent by post must be sent as "Express - overnight cash". Papers sent from abroad must be dispatched using a courier service such as DHL, TNT etc.

The shipment must be registered at the distributor within the deadline of handing in the paper. Date and time of registration must be documented and a tracking system used.

The exact postal address to your examination location can be found at

Postal address for examination location BI Oslo, BI Nettstudier and BI Banking and Insurance: BI Norwegian Business School Oslo, Examinations Office, 0442 Oslo.  

Important information regarding electronic submission

NB! The paper cannot only be sent in on a memory stick, CD or other electronic media, unless this is specified in the question paper. Telefax cannot be used either. 

In certain situations papers can be submitted by e-mail or be posted on a specific Internet address or via our net-based learning platform 'itslearning'. See separate instructions for electronic submissions for individual courses.

If it is not specified that submission are to be made electronically, papers must be submitted in hard copy and delivered to the school's secretariat or designated office. The correct number of copies, as specified on the front page of the question paper, must be submitted.


Report writing, literature searches and references 

For information about report writing, literature search and how to handle and reference sources correctly; see BI Library's article about citing and referencing and their web pages about research and report writing.


Information about confidentiality of assignments. 


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