Use of personal data



Use of personal data in project

​Using personal data in your student project? Then remember that your project is likely to be subject to notification.

Personal data is data which directly or indirectly can identify a person. If you, through interviews, questionnaires, observations or other means, are gathering, registering, processing or storing information about individuals (i.e. personal data), then your project is likely to be subject to notification to the Data Protection Official for Research

We recommend not to collect such information.

Most survey tools have filters to ensure respondent anonymity. This must of course also be observed when publishing survey results in your thesis. If registered information cannot be used to identify individual persons / respondents, then your project should not be subject to notification.

If you are in doubt, you should confer with your tutor.

Follow links to more information from the Data Protection Official for Research. See also Notificiation form, and Information and consent

Last Modified: 08/12/2017 12:15