Registration for/withdrawal from examination



Registration for an examination

You can register for an examination before the given deadlines. Registration is done at the student portal @BI.

Deadline for registration for examination 

  • 1. October (@BI is open for changes from 15. September)

  • 1. March (@BI is open for changes from 15. February)

Registering for examinations is relevant if you...

- want to improve your previous results or have failed previous examinations

have not taken the actual examination earlier

All students will be automatically registered for examinations in course(s) they are participating in.


Please note:

  • You must make sure that your completion deadlines (by contract) have not extended. Please see the Academic Regulations Section 3-6 Prolonged period of study (final deadlines for completion for more information about completion deadlines

  • that certain part evaluations may occur early in the semester

  • that you lose the right to sit an examination if you haven’t completed/submitted your coursework requirements before the deadline, or if your completed/submitted coursework requirements have not been approved. Read more about coursework requirements here. 

  • that in order to sit for an examination in a course with continuous assessment you have to be registered on the course. Please contact the student administration if you have any questions regarding this.

Last Modified: 08/08/2012 18:20