Support materials




​Dictionaries may be allowed as an examination support material.

Courses taught and examined in Norwegian

Dictionary may be specified as allowed support material in the course description.

In the course description you'll find what support materials that are allowed during the examinations. In the course description you'll also find a more detailed definition, e.g. if it is allowed to use a monolingual dictionary (English/English) or a bilingual dictionary (e.g. Norwegian/English - English/Norwegian).

Courses taught and examined in English

The use of a dictionary is allowed as a general examination support material during examinations.

The dictionary may be English/Norwegian and Norwegian/English, or English – to and from the student’s mother tongue, i.e. a bilingual dictionary.

Dictionary requirements:

  • There must be no notes in the dictionary. 

  • Only one - 1 – dictionary is allowed.

  • The dictionary must be hardcover book or paperback, it cannot be in electronic form if this has not been applied for specifically as a special arrangement in connection with the examination.

    Courses where the student are to be tested in a language are excepted from this rule.

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