Examination times



Master of Science

​All students who are admitted to a study programme will automatically be registered for the examinations related to the course registrations for this semester.

If you want to withdraw from an examination, or want to sign up for re-sits, please note that you must do so yourself between 15 September and 1 October (autumn semester) and 15 February and 1 March (spring semester).

Changes must be done in the student web portal @BI 

Note: In many of the courses a part of the evaluation is in class. Where evaluation is listed as "Evaluation in class during semester", the end date given corresponds to the scheduled final lecture in the course.

Digital submission of examination
The examination schedule overview will show you if the examination is to be submitted digitally (there is an x in the last column, if you submit the exam through DigiEx.)

The list is subject to change, as more exams may be added.

Examination schedule MSc - autumn 2017

Exam Schedule MSc autumn 2017.pdf

(last update: September 27th) 

Examination schedule MSc - spring 2018

Exam Schedule MSc spring 2018.pdf
(last update: March 23rd)

Read more about registration for examination here.

NB! The examination schedule is subject to change. Any prospective changes will be updated as soon as they are confirmed. A log of these changes will be listed below the schedule in the file.

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