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Template paper - take home examinations

Here you'll find Template paper for take home examinations for take home examinations, project papers, thesis etc.

Electronic submission?
Are you submitting your examination answer paper electronically, you can still use the template above

If you do so, remember that DigiEx generates a front page, where information about the examination (exam code, exam date etc) are listed. Likewise, header with id number(s) and exam code are added.

You may use the footer, e.g. for side numbers etc, DigiEx does not add anything here.

(Should there be header in the document you upload, DigiEx will remove this and replace it with the standard. DigiEx does not remove footnotes). 

Formal requirements for submissions
  • Format:   A4

  • Margins: 5cm left margin, 2cm right-, top- and bottom margin

  • Line spacing:   1 1/2

  • Font type / font size:   Times New Roman 12 pkt

If the submission is to be handed in on paper, you may choose single sided or double-sided printing of your answer paper.

About assignment writing, literature search and referencing

For information about assignment writing, literature search etc, please refer to the BI Library's web pages about on how to get started with report and assignment writing.

See also the Library's pages about BI's recommended standard for citing and referencing

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