Special examination arrangements




​Please notice the following requirements for documentation when applying for special examination arrangements.

Documented justification from a qualified authority
(doctor, psychologist, etc.)

The documentation must be dated, stamped and signed in the semester the student is to sit for the examination. 

Exception: certain chronicle disabilities are exempt from this requirement, since the documentation may be valid for up to ten years. This applies, for example, to diagnostic assessments in connection with dyslexia. 

The documentation must contain the following: 

  • a specification of the disadvantage the student has during an examination
  • what forms of special examination arrangements are needed according to the qualified authority
For students who apply for special arrangements due to reading and writing disabilities, we require documentation of a diagnostic assessment from a speech therapist / specialist. 

Storage of documentation 

BI Norwegian Business School's digital system for application and documentation for special examination arrangements meets the security demands of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. This means that all documentation (application, doctor's note etc.) stored in our digital archive, will be deleted on a regular basis. 

All students must therefore apply for special examination arrangements and upload documentation each semester. 

Last Modified: 09/04/2018 13:18