Re-sit examination



Re-sit examination

​Students who have previously failed an examination, or have not taken the examination for whatever reason, are themselves responsible for registering for a re-sit. 

How many times can I re-sit an examination?

A candidate can make no more than three attempts at taking an examination in the same course.

It is possible to apply for a fourth attempt at taking an examination - read more here

When and how often is re-sit examinations held?

Examination re-sits are normally provided at the next ordinary examination for the given course (see the course description)

If a course is omitted without being replaced by a new course, two extra examinations are normally held.

The provision of any extraordinary examination re-sits in the following semester is decided upon by the respective Programme Committee.

In courses with continuous assessment the whole course, as a main rule, will have to be retaken.

NB! Please note that compulsory part assessments may occur early in the semester.

What does it cost?

A fee is required for examination re-sits unless documented notice of absence from an examination within the given deadlines is registered, or you have previously registered for withdrawal from an examination within the given deadlines.

A re-sit fee is paid per credit. See Costs and fees.

Which grade will be presented at my diploma?

If you re-sit an examination (the same examination code), it is always the best grade that will appear on your diploma.

Re-sit examinations are regulated by the Regulations relating to Admissions, Studies and Examinations at BI Norwegian Business School, Section 5-7.

Deadline for registration for examination 

  • 1. October (@BI is open for registrations from 15. September)

  • 1. March (@BI is open for registrations from 15. February)

You register for the examination re-sits by using the student web portal @BI

Please contact your study centre if you have difficulties with the log-in. You must also contact a student adviser at your study centre well before the deadline for examination registration if you are in doubt as to which examination re-sits you will be registering for.

Changes in the examination code - what about continuation?

In the event of more substantial changes in the curriculum / examination of a course, the examination codes can be changed without changing the actual course code. Therefore, you should be aware of which examination code you should sign up for in order to complete a course.

Extra re-sit examinations of the old version will be set up according to the rules when such changes occur. When these are no longer offered, a new version of the course or replacement course may be completed. Then all the examination codes that make up the course must be completed.

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