Citations and references



Citations and references

At a specialised university institution the correct use of source references is a requirement in all academic work.

Using references gives the author the opportunity to share knowledge and compare sources. References must state what is your own contribution and what is that of others. This way information and quotes can be checked and substantiated. A good reference manner is a way of guarding against plagiarism, as well as showing the reasoning of the author. 

There are many ways of setting up references. The Research Committee at BI Norwegian Business School decided in the spring 1999 to recommend a common reference standard for all student assignments at BI. In this, all references with a single "author - year" reference are given in the text and a corresponding list of literature is put at the end of the document. 

The reference must give information that is comprehensive enough for the reader to be able to look up that specific quote. The source should be given both in the assignment text (reference in the text) and in a separate list of literature at the end of the assignment.

Read more about use of citing and reference techniques in the library web pages. At you will also find other useful information about source referencing (online courses etc).

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