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BI operates with two different types of calculators allowed for use in the examinations, and it is important that you know which type is allowed in your examination (see course description).

Two types of calculator may be allowed in an examination 

Simple calculator

The calculator must not be programmable.

This is a calculator that features the four arithmetical operations, root and percent. In addition it can have M+, M-.

The calculator must not have a writing unit, and it must not be able to communicate with any external sources of any kind.

The calculator must be battery-driven and must not produce any noise.

At any time only one -1- calculator can be used.


BI-approved calculator

There is only one calculator that is allowed as BI approved calculator: 
- Hewlett Packard 10 bII Plus 

Only this calculator is allowed in examinations as BI-approved examinations calculator.

Need guidance to the calculator? 
Join in on one of calculator courses in Nydalen, or see the PowerPoint presentation (NB - in Norwegian). 

You may also come by the drop-in tutoring in Nydalen and ask the teaching assistants there if you need further instructions or help with your calculator during the semester. 

About the HP calculator 
NB! Note that there are two types of HP10bII - one regular and one "plus" version. 
It is the plus (+) version that is allowed at BI.


Do you already have the TI calculator? 
You can not use this on your exam anymore. 
TI BA II Plus is no longer allowed in examinations at BI. 


In cases where a BI approved examination calculator is allowed, only one – 1- such calculator can be brought to the examination venues. 
In addition one - 1 - simple calculator can be brought.

Instruction manuals can only be used at examinations where “all support materials” are allowed.

Don't bring examination support materials not approved
Examination support materials that have not been approved are not allowed in the examinations.
Candidates are not allowed to borrow examination support materials from each other during the examination. 

See course description
Allowed examination support materials are stipulated in the course description, and on the front page of the examination question paper.

Attempts at cheating
All use of examination support materials that are not allowed will be considered as attempts at cheating.

Reference is made to the Regulations relating to Admissions, Studies and Examinations at BI Norwegian Business School, Section 5-9 Rules regarding written school examinations and Section 5-15 Cheating

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